2018 Real Estate Changes

By now you may have heard of the new Real Estate consumer protection rules coming to BC which take effect June 15, 2018. While the goals of the rules are to protect you, the consumer; ensure you are well-informed and can benefit from the loyalty of us, your agents acting in your best interests, they are hindering our ability to work with you again and again.

These new rules aim to protect you by:

  • prohibiting limited dual agency in almost all cases, and
  • requiring new disclosures about commissions, services to expect from a licensee, and the risks of being an unrepresented party in a real estate transaction.

Although we feel that the disclosures are here to help you make the most well-informed decisions surrounding complex issues, prohibiting dual agency is going to affect our relationships with you, whom we have grown to love working with!

We need your help to amend this rule. Please visit:
https://therealbc.ca/consumer-take-action-email-letter  and complete the online letter to ask  the  Superintendent of Real Estate and the Minister of Finance to STOP the new Real Estate Rules that take away consumer choice. For our fellow Realtor® members of REAL BC please visit:

You can also head on over to a petition on Change.org here. The goal here is to inform and provide our government leaders with the information they need to make more balanced public policy decisions by listening to the concerns and points of view from a wide variety of stakeholders.

The problem with prohibiting dual agency is that agency survives a deal – if we’ve worked with you, we have agency.

If Shoreline helped you buy or sell a house in the past and you want to sell again, that’s great, we will help you list it! But, we have to hope that none of the buyers we are currently working with want to write an offer on your property because we will then have to refer them to another Realtor, one who also has no agency with that particular buyer. In a city the size of Campbell River, that will be hard to find. The bigger problem is that we will then also have to refer you, the Seller to another Realtor, dual recusal, because we can’t work for the Seller having worked with that buyer previously, despite the fact that they’re writing their offer with another Realtor. Confused yet?

The worst part? You are now having to work with someone who likely doesn’t know the property, has no rapport or trust built.  Imagine having to get an out of town Realtor to write your offer? Us neither.

So please jump on the links above and help us adjust the rules around dual agency.

All we can do is work with the rules as best we can while still providing you the service you have come to know and love. We will still help you as we always did with everything real estate. We will stay well informed and keep you up to date as we work with the new rules.