Big Changes coming to BC Real Estate and how they will affect you.

Big changes coming March 15th 2018.

It has been announced that Dual Agency will be eliminated in BC.

The Government came down hard on BC Realtor’s after we were very negatively played in the news with headlines about shadow flipping etc.. mostly in the lower mainland.  As a result a survey of 169 people determined dual agency should go.

We feel these proposed changes will NOT protect the public.

Our outer islands and small northern communities often have only 1 or 2 Realtors.  Buyers usually want to use that Specialist when they buy, but with the new rules the Realtors working in these areas will have to turn buyers away and often “fire’ their Seller as well.   In 2017 the Shoreline Team had buyer clients they have known and worked with for years call and want to buy listings they had for sale.  The buyers and sellers consented to “limited dual agency”.  Buyers are always given the option to use another Realtor which is just fine. ….BUT under the new rules  Mark and Deanna will have to turn away the buyer AND tell the seller that they can no longer represent them.  YES that is correct.  We are all ok with turning the buyer away, but turning the Seller away now too!???  Total chaos!

We don’t know how this will work yet, but we are told it will basically be a phone call “Dear Mr and Mrs Seller a buyer I worked with 10 years ago is interested in making an offer on your home, they are going to work with another Realtor to submit the offer but I still have to release you from our listing agreement.  My Manager will re assign the listing to another agent and they will be in touch soon.  BYE BYE!

The Superintendent has created a rule to prohibit the practice of dual agency. Dual agency is when a licensee represents two or more parties with competing interests in a trade in real estate, such as both buyer and seller, or two or more competing buyers.*

  • In explaining the new rules, RECBC has advised licensees that the elimination of Double Agency may create situations of ‘double recusal’ where a licensee will not be able to act on behalf of the seller or buyer if they are current clients, rather than only referring one client to another licensee.
  • A licensee will not be able to represent either party if a client buyer decides he wants to offer on a listing of that licensee

“You should not continue to act for either client in this scenario. You should refer your buyer client and your seller client to get independent professional advice (i.e. another licensee). You cannot act for both clients in this scenario (even with their consent) because it would amount to dual agency, which is prohibited.*”

  • Possible Scenarios
  1. Joe the buyer has been working with a real estate agent to look at properties in town, listed by several real estate agents, making Joe a client. Joe viewed 20 properties, 2 of them were listings of the agent he was working with. Joe decides he would like to make an offer on one of his agent’s listings. At that point, the agent must refer Joe to another agent AS WELL AS refer the seller to another agent.


  1. Megan is interested in buying a recreational property, or a commercial property, and she knows, based on extensive research, that one agent is the expert in this specialized field. That agent also has most of the listings. If that agent wants to continue to act on behalf of his current clients (the sellers), he cannot represent Megan as a buyer client. She would either have to be an unrepresented buyer or find another agent, even though no other agents in the area specialize in those properties.


  1. Dean has a preferred agent, who has worked on his behalf in the past. Dean trusts that agent, and calls them up on a listing they have on the market. That agent cannot work with Dean as a client because of the double recusal rule (they would have to refer both Dean and the seller to different agents).



  • Contact information

Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate: phone:  1-855-999-1883

Real Estate Council of BC: phone: 1-877-683-9664

Claire Trevena, MLA: : CR office 1-250-287-5100

Minister of Finance Carole James:


Shoreline April Market Update

The demand for housing continues to increase in Campbell River. Compared to last years’ inventory of single-family homes listed the inventory has decreased making this a hot seller’s market. If you’re thinking about listing your home, do not hesitate, the buyer is out there. We can help you with the process of listing your home and finding your new place, if you’re concerned with selling and buying in such a fast moving market this is where the Shoreline Team excels. We are here to assist you in this move and to make a game plan for how this process will play out for you. It’s been a busy few weeks with many high-end homes selling, we would like to congratulate our sellers on the following sales.

6200 Race Point Road $998,000.00 SOLD

1251 Galerno Road $828,800.00 SOLD

1581 Vanstone Road $799,900.00 SOLD

Interested in meeting with us to know what your house could possibly list for? Or want to find out about what is currently on the market to buy?

Contact us –
Mark Ranniger PREC. C: 250.287.0395
Deanna Collins Realtor® C: 250.830.8483
Office: 250.286.3293

Campbell River Real Estate Market is hopping!

This past few months have been very exciting in Campbell River.   Listings selling in multiple offers, over list price, buyers feeling the pressure to ‘act quickly’ or miss out on a newly listed home for sale.  Some quick numbers to give you an idea what is happening.

For a number of years the average days on the market hovered around 80 days to sell and houses were selling for about 95%  of the list price.  Today that stat has shifted in favor of sellers with the average number of days on the market in Campbell River down to about 60 days to sell and the list to sell price ratio now about 96-97%.  For example a house listed for sale for  $299,000 would typically sell for about $286,000  and take about 2-3 months to sell.

I had to share this not just to toot my own horn but to show you just how hot this Campbell River market has been over the last couple months.

Here is a recap of the last 9 homes I have sold.  All located in Campbell River and all have sold in the last 60 days.

LIST PRICE                SALE PRICE           DAYS TO SELL

$229,900                  $229,500                             1

$237,500                   $ 240,000                           33

$254,000                  $ 254,000                             1

$262,000                  $271,974                              3

$265,000                  $275,000                              5

$308,000                  $307,000                             28

$445,000                   $433,000                            26

$318,000                    $318,000                            16

$419,900                    $425,000                           29


The average list to sell ratio on the 9 sales above works out to a crazy 101%  as a number of these homes  sold in multiple offers where we received above list price offers.   It is important that I point out these  9 homes were marketed with  professional photos and priced competitively based on recent local sales data.   Lots of houses are selling, the market is hot that’s for sure.. but pricing and marketing are still key components to getting that sold sticker up!

If you are wondering what the value of your home is in today’s market I am always here to help you with that!

Call, email, text to set up an appointment.









WOW! Can you believe this market!?!


If you are house hunting  or know someone who is I don’t have to tell you that its slim pickings out there!    I know us Realtors are always saying “its busy” “market is hot” but wow it really is crazy out there!  Our inventory is down and sales volume and number of active buyers very high right now. Usually in April we have a lot of new listings, even in a slow market this is the time of year people list their homes.   This Spring we just haven’t seen that rush of new listings yet. The well priced new listings sell right away, many in multiple offers.  I have been in more multiple offers the past few months than…. well ever!   And I am not tooting my horn here, its not just me, other Realtors in my office also dealing with a lot of multiple offers and just a general increase in the number of active buyers.  Did you hear about the 3 bedroom 20 year old rancher on Candy Lane listed for $229,000 and sold in multiple offers for $250,500!  Well that really did happen yesterday!

Who are these people, why are the moving to Campbell River?  I get asked this question at least once a day.  If I think back the past couple months for me its  been about 50% out of town from Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Vancouver, Port Moody and Kelowna and  the remaining are locals, lots of first time buyers for me.  Also a few buyers that have decided against selling the rancher they have outgrown, keep it and renting it out and buying something a bit larger.  This leads into another post I should write soon! the rental market in Campbell River is also nutty.  The houses that were renting for $1000 last year are $1200 now, the $1200 ranchers easily going for $1400+  rental homes are in demand.

Back to who and what is driving this market in Campbell River.  I think its a mix of money coming from baby boomers in larger cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria and Vancouver retiring or buying now and planning to retire in the next 5 years as well as many young families moving here.  We most definitely are not just a retirement city here.  I have had a few younger families recently moving back here after 10-20 years working in the “big city”  they are moving back here so they can bike, ski, fish and buy an affordable home.  It seems in most households someone has a home based/computer based career that no longer ties them to the big city.  Quality of life is something I hear over and over again. People want it and we’ve got it here there is no doubt about that!

What is all this YPCR talk??

I am pumped to announce that I was re elected back onto the YPCR (Young Professionals of Campbell River) Executive board for my 2nd year.  I joined this group for the networking, but have definitely been hooked by the great friendships I have made and the energy created amongst a group of like minded people!  If you are under 45, live and work in Campbell River and have a desire to help others and our city grow and succeed you should come check us out!  If you would like to see what we are all about contact me and come as one of my guests to next months lunch at Moxie’s


12 noon Tuesday, November 24th I am co presenting at our YPCR  Lunch and Learn.  Katie will be filling us in about mortgage news and tips.  I will have some useful info for first time buyers as well as those thinking of leveraging  some equity to buy an investment home.   This event is free for YPCR members and $10 charge for Non Members to attend ( everyone buys their own lunch)

We take our community involvement seriously, but we are a pretty fun group (below at our Gala photo booth)  For more information about YPCR click here


Good Debt vs Bad Debt


As a Realtor, I think buying real estate (even if it means you need a mortgage, ​as most of us do) and “going in​to debt” is a great thing. Kind of an odd statement right? Well, real estate is a perfect example of “good debt”. It is an investment and chances are, if you hold on to it, will appreciate in value.

I don’t like debt on anything that is not going to have the potential to make me money.  I have yet to own a new car, though every year I tell myself that “this year is the year”.  But there is something both humbling and satisfying about a decent vehicle that is paid for. The floor mats may be covered in memories of summer (a.k.a 2 pounds of sand) but it’s not yet rusty and it has minimal smell.

​I look at home ownership like this, ​we all need somewhere to live. You either pay rent or you pay yourself. The hurdle is getting that money for a down payment. The most common lament I hear from people is that they need 2 years or even 5 years to save up their down payment. I also hear a lot of people saying they don’t make enough money to save up a down payment. For more on that check out last week’s blog here:

The reality is, a lot of things can change in 5 years time. That $250,000 house may go up to $300,000. Mortgage qualification rules could change. I always say if you are putting that money out to a landlord right now anyways, it might be time to ask a​ family member​ for a loan, borrow or save up faster by really eyeing your finances to come up with a down payment. Finding ways for people to save money faster is a personal favourite of mine. I have discovered in my time that the folks who think they just don’t have the extra money to save are usually the ones that do!  The latte factor is a great way to illustrate where money can be saved. 5 lattes a week = 20 a month @$5 each = 100 a month. Or another way to cut back and save expenses would be to pack a lunch instead of eating out twice a week = $100. These are just some small suggestions. If you ARE serious about wanting to buy a home, but lack the down payment, you need to sit down and think about where you can save each month.

The best part of getting into home ownership is starting to pay down the mortgage. Over time, the market value of your home should ​go ​up and with your mortgage being paid down, you’ll have equity you can leverage to do more with.
LEVERAGE (one of my favourite words), coming up in a future post!

Are You A Spender or A Saver?

In my 15 years as a Realtor I have ​sure seen a lot! I am by no means a financial expert, ​however I have learned a lot by simply observing and listening to the stories of success (and sometimes mistakes) people make in the real estate world. There is one simple thing I want to share with all of you. It really doesn’t matter how much money you ​bring in that is most important, it is what you DO with that money that really matters.​ I love examples, so I’ve shared one with you below.

FAMILY A  makes roughly $50,000 a year. They own a nice, affordable house and pay it down every month. They save a little and live just within their means. They may​ ​save where others might not. They could have chosen to not eat out or changed their grocery shopping habits. Their hobbies luckily might include a lot of FREE things (camping, hiking or other outdoorsy free stuff). They may drive older vehicles that are paid for and try to avoid spending a lot on luxury items. This family might deal with little financial stress when it comes to the day to day expenses and find that they are quickly building equity in their home.

Now let’s talk about ​FAMILY B
FAMILY B in this example brings in ​$250,000 a year. Their home is quite a bit bigger and the mortgage matches. They appear to have a lot more toys (which may be financed). They have a lot more disposable income and will likely spend a lot more on things like dinners out or those luxury items. These income scenarios can sometimes lead to more money leaving the bank account than what’s coming in.
At some point in our lives we have all asked the question, “How do my neighbours afford all those toys?” Well they may very well not be able to afford them. Our low interest rates have made borrowing money a little too easy. Studies show Canadians household debt increasing at a rapid rate over the past few years.

Whether you fit into FAMILY A or FAMILY B (or somewhere in between) its not always a matter of making more money to get where you want to be. Whether its a vacation or a down payment for a house, sometimes its looking at where you are spending. I have found it doesn’t matter if you are FAMILY A or FAMILY B. There will be those in either category (or the inbetweeners) that are able to afford the down payment or that trip and there are those that cannot. It usually comes down to the money going out not the money coming in that can make all the difference.

Our next financial post is going to focus on the differences between Good and Bad Debt. Stay tuned for that!

Carpet vs Wood

Everyone has a preference. Some people love the cushy, homey feel of a plush carpet throughout their home. Others would rather give their home hardwood floor for the ease of cleaning and a possible drop in allergies. Statistically speaking, it has been shown that buyers will pay more for a home with hardwood then one with carpet.

Hardwood fans boast that their floors don’t hold on to allergens that can sink into the fibers of carpet. They are easy to maintain, don’t stain, and really feel “clean” unlike carpet where you often feel like vacuming is not really pulling up all the dirt and germs.

There can be some downsides to hardwood however. Depending on what kind or type of flooring you purchase, you may leave yourself open to scratching and scuffs from pets or kids toys. There is also the fact that you will be cleaning the floors more often to rid yourself of obvious dirt, dust and pet hair.

We found some great ideas on this website for Hardwood and Engineered Wood Floors:,,20413594,00.html


On the flip side, carpet feels so cozy and warm especially in the winter. It can be ideal for tumbling kids and gentle on the feet. Carpet also comes in a lot more colour options than wood, and is usually cheaper and easy to change.

But what about carpet off gas or the fact that dirt and allergens can be lurking in the fibres? The carpet industry claims that most carpet has been certified as low emitters of VOCs these days and that carpet does not aggravate asthma and allergies. It traps airborne dust particles in the spaces between the tufts, where a good-quality vacuum can dispose of it.

Carpet lost market share in the 1980s and ’90s as hard surfaces became popular. Today, about 51 percent of all floor coverings in the United States are carpet.


Here is helpful and informative link all about choosing and installing carpets:,,20420275_20840343,00.html

For those of us with pets and carpets, I think we can all relate to this story that Deanna told me yesterday. It highlights the unfortunate fact that even if you have the smallest bit of carpet in your home, your furry family member will always find it for the worst reasons. (Warning: The Story Below Contains Some Graphic Content. Finish Your Dinner First)

This morning is a prime example of my love hate relationship with carpet. I have a cat door as I like to let my cats go in and out and be crazy wild animals. But that means sometimes they bring in a mouse or as in this morning’s case throw up three piles of what appears to be The chewed up half digested remains of about a 1 pound rodent. Of all the places in the house to do it they find the small section of carpet I have.

You can wash it but you always know what was there and it never really feels clean.


So at the end of the day, you may have to take a few factors in to account when thinking about the right flooring for your style and taste. And a mixture of both carpet and hardwood (my personal choice) can give you the best of both worlds and add beautiful dimension to your home. Here is a link to an article about combining both flooring styles here:

Happy Designing!

We’re Happy to Announce…

Deanna’s Brand New WEBSITE!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 10.31.04 PM

After some building, tweaking and re-tweaking the website is up and ready to roll. We want you to think of this site as your “one stop shop” when it comes to your real estate and home needs.

Now, along with Deanna’s listings, we will be providing buying and selling tips and tricks, mortgage information, a link to this fantastic blog and so much more. You can also search all MLS listings right from the home page!

One new feature to the site you will find is a page that will be featuring links to other real estate related professionals and businesses.

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