Day 10 of Deanna’s Giveaways ~ Dark Side Chocolates

Day 10 is the sweetest of them all!!! Welcome to the Dark Side

Proudly handmade in small batches, the Dark Side Chocolates, truffles and confections are just as beautiful to behold with your eyes as they are to enjoy with your mouth.  The boutique is located in downtown Cumberland and they aim to bring you the joy of authentic flavour and allow you a true chocolate experience by using only fresh creams in combination with the finest organic, fair trade chocolate.


dsc-choc-bar-salt_largeBy far my own personal favorite – The Sea Salt Dark Chocolate!

The great people at Dark Side Chocolates are gifting one lucky winner $40 worth of goodies just in time for the holidays!


Visit their website here

Starting December 1st for 10 days  Deanna will be posting a giveaway from cooperating Businesses  Anyone can enter via the link on each blog post up until 7pm December 13th

Winners will be randomly selected via Rafflecopter on Monday December 14 2015

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  1. This has been so much fun and I’ve learned about some local businesses that I didn’t know of before!

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