Deanna and Sam’s Favourite Things…Holiday Edition!

Welcome to Our Little 5 Part Series regarding our Favourite Things!

Over the next couple of days we’ll be sharing our Favourite Ideas, Tips and Tricks for the Holiday Season.

Today’s post is all about Decorating for Christmas!

decorating blog pilllows

This time of year I love decorating the house. I am a throw pillow addict. One closet is already dedicated to throw pillows, and since Target has moved to town it’s officially full! Target is a GREAT place to buy a couple of festive pillows. I personally love the golds and silvers. Maybe I might pick up a bright turquoise or classic red. Or you can add a throw blanket in a festive colour or pattern to introduce a bit of Christmas magic to your room.

white pine decorating

You don’t have to wait until Christmas Eve to snappy up your table. I like to bring the outdoors in (no need for Febreeze). I prefer white pine myself, but snipping a few pine, fir and cedar bows and arranging them on your mantle or just a bit in a vase is easy and smells delicious. I even pop fir bows into my outside planters since they’re empty of all their summer flowers.


My all time favourite decorating technique is simply using Christmas balls. I fill huge glass vases, dishes and even old wooden crates .Then I put them all over the entry, the bathroom (all over the house really). You can keep it all solid colours or you can mix them up.

Happy Decorating!

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