Let Us Introduce You To…Holly Hill Farm. (Again)


We are always so happy to talk about Holly Hill Farm. It’s not just because the owners, Katie and Kyle Denne, are a great pair of people. They are taking their family run farm and turning it into an awesome place for our community to play and learn.

At Holly Hill Farm you can have the opportunity to participate in a farm tour, where Katie will provide your little ones with hands-on experience with the animals that reside there as well as a demonstration of daily farm chores. Come and feed the chickens, cuddle the sweet little bunnies and spend some quality time with the alpaca, sheep, donkeys and horses too. You can even plan your kiddos next birthday party there!

A new addition to the services provided by Holly Hill Farm will be the summer camps! Here is a little bit more info:



Holly Hill Farm’s Kids Farming Camps are a fun and educational experience for kids from the age of 4-13. Our camps hold a maximum of twelve children each, and are designed and ran by Farm owner, Katie Denne, a trained and certified teacher.

Holly Hill Farm’s 4-6 Farming Camp

Dates: July 6th, 7th, 8th Times: 10-1:00 OR 1:15-4:15 Ages: 4-6; co-ed Cost:  $150

Description: Designed for the animal loving young child, our 4-6 Farming Camp is a fun behind-the-scenes experience of the workings at Holly HIll Farm. The children will spend quality time caring for and bonding with our various animals; alpacas, mini-donkeys, sheep, horses, chickens, and bunnies. From grooming to feeding, petting and tending, the children will learn valuable life skills, build new friendships, and develop a respect for farming and positive animal welfare. A horse themed day will close out the camp where the children will learn horsemanship and enjoy riding on horseback. Time will also be spent playing old-fashioned farm games, building survival skills, singing songs, reading stories, acquiring new talents, and doing various styles of arts and crafts.

Activities to look forward to: animal care and horseback riding, corn painting, garden crafts, feed sack races, squash bowling, gardening, farming experiments, butter making, campfire cooking, lady bug release, bug farming, scavenger hunt, fire building

Holly Hill Farm’s 7-10 Farming Camp

Dates: July 13th- 16th (4 days) Times: 10-2:00 Ages: 7-10; co-ed Cost:  $250

Description: For the farm loving kids, our 7-10 Farming Camp allows children to experience life on the farm while caring for and bonding with our animals: alpacas, mini-donkeys, sheep, horses, chickens, and bunnies. The children are able to groom, tend, and train the animals to develop valuable life skills and a respect for farming. Time spent playing old-fashioned farm games and exploring new talents, including leather work and orienteering, rounds out the days at Holly Hill Farm. A horse themed day will close out the camp where the children will learn horsemanship and enjoy riding on horseback. We will build survival skills and friendships, enjoy arts and crafts, and actively participate in building mason bee houses and doing farm experiments.

Activities to look forward to: animal care, horseback riding, boat building, flower pressing, feed sack races, squash bowling, tug of war, horse shoes, gardening, farming experiments, campfire building, safety & cooking, insect studies, bug farming, scavenger hunt, orienteering

Holly Hill Farm’s 10-13 Farming Camp

Dates: July 27th-31st (5 days) Times: 10-2 Ages: 10-13; co-ed Cost:  $300

Description: Holly Hill Farm’s 10-13 Farming Camp is designed for the tween who wishes they lived on a farm. This camp is an in-depth experience of farm life, from tending to animals, to using farming equipment, and working the fields. The young teens will be immersed in our everyday agriculture and develop a respect for farming, sustainability, and positive animal welfare. Traditional farm games like tug-of-war, horse shoes and sack races round out our farming days, making each day at Holly Hill Farm an enjoyable and educational one. Survival skills such as camp fire building, axe safety, orienteering, and water purification processes will be tackled. Artistic ones will love the crochet instruction using fleece from our very own alpaca, and scientific ones will enjoy the soil experiments and management. Mason bee house building will also add to the experience. Horsemanship and time on horseback will close out the camp. From acquiring new friendships to learning new skills and exploring new talents, our 10-13 Farming Camp is a must for the animal loving child.

Activities to look forward to: animal care, horseback riding, feed sack races, tug-of-war, agriculture, soil building, campfire building, axe use & safety, bug farming, leather work, crochet and fibre processing, scavenger hunt, orienteering


For more information about the summer camps, follow this link: http://hollyhillfarmcampbellriver.com/about/camps/


You can also see lots of updates about the farm, the animals, egg sales and other special events by checking out their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hollyhillfarmcampbellriver?fref=ts

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  1. I always love a chance to read more about this amazing family! Teaching the younger generations about farming and sustainability is becoming more and more important and congratulations to Holly Hills Farm for that!

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