Shop Local- Farm Edition

Summer is the PERFECT time to get out and explore all the local farms in our area! Did you know we were surrounded by so much local produce, meat and dairy products?

Deanna says… “Often times people will say $6 for farm eggs…wow, why? They’re $3 at the store, that’s crazy! But the same folks turn around and spend $5 on a coffee without blinking an eye! The difference is that the eggs are fresh, 100x healthier and it’s more than likely the chickens didn’t live a horrible life in a cage without ever seeing the light of day.


Another example would be local organic blueberries. Yes they ARE expensive. So maybe they cost an extra $10 compared to pesticide sprayed ones from a large grocery store. But there is something about making a smoothie in the winter using a handful of those frozen berries with the knowledge that I am not feeding my child pesticides. Knowing that the fruit came from down the road, NOT 300 miles away. We drop $10 on a tub of ice cream like it’s no big deal so why do we have an issue with a few more dollars for local, fresh and organic products?”

Well, lucky for you we are here to help you discover some of the delicious local goodies you can find!


To start, have you visited our local farmer’s markets? There are 3 to check out and feature many of our local farm producers. Comox and Quadra Island each hold a Farmer’s Market every Saturday and Campbell River’s Farmer’s Market is on Sundays. Each market features a great sampling of local fruits and veggies, plants, eggs, meats and seafood. Our local markets also feature other locally made goods, yummy food and great entertainment.

Fresh eggs from Holly Hill Farm

We are also very fortunate to have some local grocers who support our local farms. Discovery Foods features local farms such as Tannadice Farms and Willows Market features many local fruit and veggie farms.

If you’re looking to venture out on your own, we suggest spending a day exploring some of our local farms. What are you in the mood for? How about fresh, juicy berries? Visit Ocean Grove Berry Farm for pints of raspberries or Ross Mountain Farm for pesticide free blueberries. Or wander down to Coastal Black for fresh berries (and the delicious wine that comes from them). And while you’re there, do not forgot to pick up some of Big D’s Cinnamon Honey…you will NOT regret it!

20120608-005 copy
Coastal Black’s Beautiful Farm Lands
Some of the Free Range animals at Seaview Game Farm

Looking for some produce? Try Pattison Farms on Dzini Road. Throughout the growing season you can find lettuce mixes, kale and chard as well as some summer and winter squashes. Just down York Road you will find Fiesta Peppers.This small farm stand sells yummy multi-coloured peppers, tomatoes, mini cucumbers and fresh eggs. Payment is on an honour basis and cash only.

If you’re looking for some local meat options, Seaview Game Farm showcases a ton of fresh produce as well free range grass-fed beef and venison. Holly Hill Farm is currently selling Californian meat rabbits, live or butchered for $25 each as well yummy eggs available for $6 right at the gate. Island Bison is located on Hamm Road. Their Bison products are grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free. If you haven’t tried the Bison pepperoni, you are missing out! Tannadice Farm also supplies beef, pork and poultry products.

And lastly, there are the specialty farms. You’ve seen their products all over the place, but did you know that Natural Pastures award-winning cheeses are produced in the Comox Valley? Make sure to also try Tree Island Yogurt. Locally produced and found in some of our local grocers as well. And super tasty!!

Now of course, we can’t include everyone in this post (or it would take days to read!). But that’s where you fine folks come in! Comment on the blog post or on our Facebook post with some of your suggestions of local farms and we’ll make sure to share with everyone. Here are some links below for the farms we mentioned. We hope you enjoy exploring what our local farms have to offer!

Campbell River Farmer’s Market-

Comox Valley Farmer’s Market-

Quadra Island Farmer’s Market-

Ocean Grove Berry Farm-

Ross Mountain Farm-

Coastal Black Winery-

Pattison Farms-

Seaview Game Farm-

Holly Hill Farm-

Island Bison-

Tannadice Farm-

Natural Pastures Cheese-

Tree Island Yogurt-