Shut The Front Door…

So it’s time for Deanna to paint her front door…

photo 1-2

It doesn’t sound that hard to do but the colour you choose for the entrance to your home sets the tone and feeling for your guests.

So how do you pick? A warm brown, dramatic black, maybe a bold red? Check out some of these beautiful options below to get some ideas for your own home.







Now, once you’ve decided on the right colour for your front door, it’s time to learn HOW paint it the RIGHT way. Check out this video to show you how it’s done:

As for Deanna’s door, what would you suggest? She’s going for a beachy concept with beach rocks to the right and a big stone staircase to left that leads to the deck. Deanna has been leaning towards a dark brown or maybe a matte black. Comment below and give her your thoughts!

4 Replies to “Shut The Front Door…”

  1. I would do an eggshell black or semi gloss. Matte might show marks more. Plus I would get a bigger light fixture with black metal. The Lite Shop on Dogwood have lite fixtures that are guaranteed to withstand salt air. Pricey but save you replacing them. Of course I have to tell you more than you ask.

  2. It is good Feng Shui to paint your front door a bold colour, red is usually best but any colour will do 🙂 My suggestions are a dark cranberry red or a bold blue (to keep with the beach/ocean theme).
    Good luck & happy painting!

  3. Oohhhh how I love doors! I took so many pictures of doors in France this summer:) they sure know how to do it and it’s usually fitted with a beautifully unique knocker and doorknob. I think a soft, beach green glass would suit your brick work. Have fun, can’t wait to see the end results!

  4. oh boy! decisions! decisions! I think black is safe and will look good, but a color is tempting. Its going to be a fall day project will post a picture when I get to it! thanks everyone!

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