Deanna and Sam’s Favourite Things…Day 5!

This week has flown by! It’s Day 5 and the last post in our Favourite Things series. Today we’re talking about local Christmas shopping. We have some really great local businesses where you can find all kinds of fabulous gifts for everyone on your list. We thought we’d share a couple of our favourites with you!


Willows Market located in Willow Point is perfect for just about anyone on your shopping list! Look for a wide array of gourmet, local foods and beautiful decor for both indoors and out. Deanna is especially loving all of their fun plaques!

willows market gift ideas


Do you have an outdoor enthusiast to find a gift for this year? If you want a great selection of gear for fishing, hunting, camping and everything in between, Tyee Marine is the place to go. The staff is always incredibly helpful, especially if you walk in with the name of an item and no earthly idea what it looks like or what it does. This store is jam-packed with great stuff. There are lots of books and different ideas like these custom home address signs.

tyee marin tyee marine2


And lastly, for the fashionable ladies on your list (we’re talking to you husbands), Ragdolz is a gorgeous local shop containing the latest in trendy apparel, shoes and accessories. They have just recently moved to a new location on Shoppers Row and it is filled to the brim with everything from stocking stuffer ideas to bigger ticket items you know she’ll love. We are big fans of the We Wood watches and anything Mat and Nat. They also carry Hunter Boots in lovely colours to help brighten a rainy day. Check out their Facebook page to see their 12 days of Christmas special with a new discount or sale everyday!

rag 1 rag 2

Which local stores will you be shopping at this Holiday season? Let us know so that we can share the Shop Local love!

And if you would like to check out some of our Favourite Local spots to get into the Holiday Spirit click here:

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Christmas Gift Basket

Let us Introduce you to… Whimsy Woolies!

It’s that time again for Local Feature Tuesdays! We’re so excited to bring some well deserved attention to these fabulous Campbell River and Area businesses and events.
This week we are showcasing Whimsy Woolies, a great mother-daughter business. I have had the pleasure of being personally tutored by Mimi herself and have been grateful to receive a couple of the adorable hats from her patterns for my boys. Here is a little bit more about these lovely ladies and their business below.
Mimi Wilson & Kate Denne, mother and daughter team, are the creators of “Whimsy Woolies”; a crochet pattern design business.
To follow the business please visit their Facebook page:
To view their online stores, visit: or
“Myself being the artisan and Kate the queen of computer savvy, allowed my dream to become a reality in this high tech world. Inspired at a very young age by my protegee, Mimi Foort, who was an amazingly talented and spirited Lebanese woman. She lived on Quadra Island, across Discovery Passage from my home. I am reminded of the kerosene lantern, the spinning of the wheel and the smell of fleece. Mimi taught me to knit, crochet and spin. I was 19 when I opened my yarn shop, taught others my crafts, and had a design company for a number of years. This was prior to the web, when it was a great effort to market your talent. I was fortunate enough to sell my designs both in Victoria and Vancouver, but burnout hit and I lost my creative spark for a number of years. Then along came my sweet grandchildren, who have re-ignited my flame. I read a quote that lit a spark, by George Elliot, “It’s never to late to be what you might have been”. I want to leave a legacy, my patterns, a book, something to hold in your hands, a craft that I hope will ignite your creativity. I want everyone to be able to create and enjoy my Whimsy Woolies as much as I have in their creation.I am so fortunate to collaborate with Nycky-jay Vanjecek, the talented artist behind Bluetree Photography. She is amazing, how she captures my precious models personalities and indulges visual touch to my ‘Whimsy Woolies’, releasing the essence of each design.

Whimsy Woolies official opening May 6th, 2011
And remember, if you want to showcase your local business or event, email us at or We’d love to help you get the word out to the community!

Bedrooms Kids (and Parents) Will Love!

Kids room design has really evolved in the last few years. Kids rooms have become a place for parents to showcase their children’s interests as well as matching the vibe of the whole home. You can take the simplest of kids rooms and turn them into functional and fun sanctuaries for your little ones. From bright and bold wall decals to cozy little reading nooks, we’ve gathered some great ideas to inspire your creativity. We’ve also found some awesome shared bedroom ideas that will make your kiddos more than happy to have a roommate!

This first link showcases some AMAZING Toddler Room Ideas:


These links will show you some really neat DIY ideas to transform your kiddo’s room into a unique little hang out.



Next up are some ideas for a reading area for some quiet book time for your littles.



These are some excellent options we found if your wee people will be sharing a room.



And lastly, here is one really awesome space to inspire you to pass your love for Star Wars onto your kids. They’ll thank you one day.


DIY Chalk Paint Furniture Make Over

photo 1
This old chaise lounge has sat rotting on my back deck for 2 years so I decided to give it a make over. I love chalk paint because it fits my painting style perfectly. NO prepping, quick drying, no rules, and very forgiving to work with! I bought a few colors at Red Living in Courtenay. I know that the cans are fairly pricey but a little goes a long way here! You can use this paint both indoors and out. Below I have provided the step-by-step instructions of this great DIY project.
Step #1- Prep! A quick hose and wipe of the major cobwebs and dirt. That’s about all the prepping I can
handle. I HATE prep work!
photo 2
Step #2- I watered down the paint a bit to give it more of a beachy, distressed washed look. This paint is non toxic and so easy to work with that my 5 year old helps me with projects! 
photo 2-2
The paint drys within minutes and you are done!
photo 3
In this case I rubbed on Annie Sloan Dark Wax to give it a darker finish that would complement the surrounding outdoors. 
photo 3-2
And in LESS THAN AN HOUR, the cushions are on an the chaise is ready to enjoy!
photo 4
If you like this look but are not into the DIY thing, check out Joanna Winter Watson’s work at: 

Local Feature Thursday…Because We Were On Holidays


So…we’re just going to pretend that it’s Tuesday today so that we can showcase a business close to Deanna’s heart. 

Going to brag about my husband a bit here today.
We first met almost 20 years ago when I was a dock girl at Painters lodge the summer after grade 12! He had me at “I am a fishing guide”…for real!
I LOVE being out on the water.  Catching fish is fun, but I just think everyone should get to enjoy just how relaxing getting out on a boat can be. I love the suspense of a boat trip, never knowing what you may catch or see.  I love cruising up through Seymour Narrows and watching the untouched forests wondering if today will be the day I see a cougar or sasquatch saunter out! My best memories are the days we have killer whales swim under our boat or have been surrounded by hundreds of dolphins. 
Bryan works most of the year at the Quinsam Salmon Hatchery and spends his summers guiding here in Campbell River and out of Gold River and Nootka Sound areas. This summer has been a busy one with unreal Chinook salmon fishing in the area and weeks of sunny flat calm days.  Sockeye season is open and shaping up to be another record breaker!
If you have friends or family visiting and want to get out on the water check out:
Bryan’s website here:
whale 2
Tight Lines!

Hey Deer, Please Don’t Eat my Garden….

deerThey’re so cute. Until they’re eating your prized rhododendron or the rose bush that you brought back to life this spring. It’s not an easy feat to keep these beautiful little plant eaters out of your garden, but we’ve found some tips that will hopefully help.

1) Keep The Amount of Tasty Buffet Style Plants at a Minimum–  Does are nursing their fawns, and anxious to gain back weight lost during the winter’s freeze, every deer is looking to gorge on high-protein, moisture-rich plants. Think twice about growing large amounts of English ivy, lettuces, beans, peas, hostas, impatients, and pansies. Fruit trees are prime targets too. As Rhonda Massingham Hart points out in her book Deerproofing Your Yard & Garden (Storey), “The sweetness and flavor of strawberries and peaches make them as attractive to deer as they are to people.”apple tees that grow well in calgary

2) Keep the Prime Deer Plants Close to the House- This will ensure you can keep a closer eye on the plant. As a general rule, deer love to dine on anything that’s smooth, tender, and flavorful, including chrysanthemum, clematis, roses, azalea bushes, and various berries.

3) Plant pungent perennials as a natural barrier–  Deer rely heavily on their sense of smell for feeding, so adding patches of strongly scented herbs—from garlic and chives, to mint and lavender (left)—can mask the appealing aroma of nearby annuals.

 4) Plant thorny, hairy, or prickly foliage- incorporating fuzzy lamb’s ear, barberries, and cleome near the plants you want to protect—and where deer might find entrance into your garden in the first place. See Plants Deer Dislike for a more comprehensive list.

5) Make deer-resistant substitutions– Substitute tulips for daffodils, which is on the no fly list for deer foods. Pick roses that are particularly thorny, including Scotch or rugosa roses. And if you’re looking for flowers that’ll add a certain color or provide a certain function in your outdoor space, consult this list of deer resistant plants from Rutgers University to see what swaps you can make in your garden.daffodil-01

6) Create levels– Deer aren’t avid climbers so adding terraces or sunken beds can discourage them from coming into the yard. If your property is particularly woodsy and sprawling, consider stacking pallets around your property, which deer are afraid to walk or jump on.

7) Don’t underestimate the power of scare tactics– As neophobes, deer fear new, unfamiliar objects. Though they aren’t always attractive, scarecrows, sundials, and other garden ornaments—especially those with movable parts—make deer skittish. Use them in combination with wind chimes or bright lights for added effect.

8) Wrap new plantings– Placing netting over fruit, bulbs, and bushes. Use garden nets from Vexar, tree protectors from Tubex, or plastic tree wrap to physically bar deer from feasting on your firs.

9) Use a lot of homespun repellents to keep deer guessing– Some gardeners swear by hanging fabric softener strips and/or wrapped bars of soap from trees, both of which can confuse a deer’s sense of smell. Others point to using hot pepper sprays, garlic and rotten egg mixtures, ammonia-soaked rags, and bags of hair and/or blood meal around the garden for the same reason. As with commercial repellents, the trick is to switch things up, learning by trial and error, for maximum efficiency. Check out this tutorial on deer-proofing shrubs with Roger Cook. And experiment with deer juice, a tried-and-true recipe shared by TOH design director Amy Rosenfeld.garlic_310_0

10) String fishing line around prized plants– Relatively cheap and easy when compared to putting up a fence, string a line of monofilament around your beds within the deer feeding zone—ideally two to three feet above ground. Just as deer can’t comprehend the concept of glass, this clear, taut barrier also confuses deer, ultimately causing them to flee.

This list was adapted from a much larger one posted here: How To Keep Your Deer Out Of The Garden

Blackberry Season is Almost Here!

You can just see them starting to ripen on the tops of bushes all over town. Delicious, tart Blackberries. There are soooo many great ways to celebrate the flavour of these dark , rich berries. You will no doubt start to see many people out with ice cream buckets filled to the brim with these little guys. They’ll be made into jams, baked into yummy pies or frozen and used in winter to add some sweetness to our cozy dinners.

We love searching the web for cool, creative way to use blackberries in our everyday cooking. Here are a few recipes that we’ve found to tempt your taste buds!

Comment below and tell us what you’re going to do with your buckets of berries.

Blackberry Glazed Salmon










Sage and Blackberry Spritzer


Blackberry Chocolate Chip Crumble


What To Do For The Rest Of The Summer

300188_10150347252300011_2424979_n[1] We are almost half way through August…how did that happen? We have been soaking up every minute with our families. The weather this summer has allowed us to get out there and really explore all of the fabulous events and programs that Campbell River has to offer. We’ve camped at some of our wonderful local campsites and enjoyed afternoons spent at our stunning local beaches. We’ve fished, swam, SUP’d ( Stand Up Paddle board), hiked, explored…whew! The great news is that there is so much more to see and do before ( and just after) your lives get back to the daily schedules of school and work.  Below is just a small sampling of some cool things coming up here in Campbell River. If you have an event you think we should highlight, comment below and let us know about it!

Now Get OUT there and enjoy the rest of this amazing summer!– Campbell River’s 1st annual All Canadian Music Festival. August 16th in Campbellton.– 1st Annual Cameryn’s Cause for Kids Society Golf Tournament. August 23rd at Sequoia Springs Golf Course– Rotary Duck Dip. So Many Great Family Activities! Centennial Pool starting at 11 am on August 24th – Starts August 25th and runs until August 29th. Full day Skate and Swim Camp to keep the kiddies busy! Show and Shine 8 am – 2 pm at Tyee Chevrolet Women 4 Women Trail Run 5km/10 km walk or run. September 13– Frogger 15km race. September 20 at 9am.

To Check out More Events and Local Happenings, visit the What’s On Campbell River Page at: